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Having a baby soon? Would you like to make your baby's birth the best possible experience?

I work in the Helsinki region as a Private midwife,  trained doula and a reflexologist.

As your midwife/doula, I will: 
- give you (=both parents) prenatal classes 
- make sure you have all the information needed for making informed choices about your birth
- come to support you in the birth with variety of natural pain coping methods and my expertise in acupressure, rebozo, spinning babies techniques etc.
- offer my expertise as a midwife before and during the birth
- meet you afterwards to go through the birth experience
- help with the breast crawl (=initiation of breastfeeding) and any breastfeeding concerns later on
I also provide
- homebirth services
- reflexology for the baby or the mother (helping the baby with e.g. stomach problems or how about a relaxing pampering treatment for the pregnant mother)
- guidance to massaging your baby at home (great for bonding and offering many benefits for the baby)
- private prenatal classes 
- private breastfeeding support 
Examples of the prices: 
-Homebirth package 2900 - 3200 euros
-The full midwife-doula package 1800e (3 prenatal meetings, 4 weeks on-call for labor, one meeting after the birth)
-Half midwife-doula package 1350e (1 meeting before birth, max.2 weeks on-call)
-Baby reflexology 65e for first meeting, package deal 3 times = 160e. 
-Reflexology for mother 65e
-Prenatal classes 3 sessions package deal 400e
-Doula meeting or breastfeeding support up to 2 hours 140e /session.
Ask for more info, I'm very open to customizing just the kind of service you need at this point!